The Little Moreton Singers

Who are we?

A group of friends who enjoy singing together, and sometimes sharing that enjoyment with others.  We specialise in the unaccompanied vocal music of the Renaissance:  mostly sixteenth century, but not exclusively so. 

Where do we come from?

The original members lived mostly in the Congleton area of Southeast Cheshire.  But now we come together from a much wider area - from three counties, in fact:  Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire.

We all sing in other groups, too numerous to mention, covering the music of all eras from the tenth century to the twenty-first.

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Performing al fresco on 14 May 2006

Inevitably, people move on - geographically or otherwise - so there is a gentle turnover of members, and we keep an ear open for potential new recruits.  Only two founder members remain, and one of those absconded to Portugal for a while.  Two others married and moved to the Lakes.  Others scattered to Stirling, to Cambridgeshire, the west country, Thames Valley and so on, with two lost recently, one to Trinity College London and another to the musical wastes of Aberystwyth.

We missed our 25th and 30th anniversaries, but we hope to have a gathering of past and present members some time.   Past members, please get in touch.




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