The Little Moreton Singers

Rehearsals in 2009
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    Biddulph Grange on Sat 19 Dec:  meet 1130;  not B; P needs to go on to CCS rehearsal.
    Ford Green Hall on Sun 20 Dec: 
meet 1230;  not LB.
Sunday 6th at LMH – a splendid day, thank you all very much! 
    A very appreciative audience too,  with several regulars independently saying "the best ever"!
Saturday December 5th
– 9.30am at D's for rehearsal 10am to noon – bring 2010 diaries
Sunday 6th - meet in the LMH education room at 11am
Sunday November 15th – 7pm at D's   (no DG, B)
Sunday October 18th – 7pm at D's   (no LB)  Bring all Christmas + Revecy
Sunday October 11th – 7pm at D's  (S?)        See if we can find a date in December for Biddulph Grange.
Sunday September 27th – 7pm at D's  (no DG)    Bring everything!    Welcome, LB!
Sunday September 13th – 7pm  at S's, not D's   (no DG;  B, MH late)    Wedding video; Why do the roses; Revecy ΰ 2 & 3; Tu es Petrus; O vos omnes; Vidi speciosam
Presidential birthday luncheon on Thursday 13th August – info from S
Sunday August 9th (afternoon) is at Little Moreton Hall  (no B)  Meet at 1pm, and bring diaries please!
Sunday August 2nd
– 7pm at S's (no W, P)
Friday 31st July
– Susie's wedding (1pm);  rehearsal at noon.  Music in black folders, please;  men in suits!
   (Sklαdej Andulko čepenν,  Palestrina's Sicut cervus,  Passereau's Il est bel et bon;  also Viadana's Exsultate justi)
    On to DG's afterwards for a bite of lunch.
Thursday July 30th, at St Michael's, back to 2pm after all – (no B, nor MH!)    
Sunday July 12th –  3-5 pm – at D's  (no MS)
Sunday June 21st – no rehearsal (no DG; P, S dubious)
Sunday June 14th – 5pm at MS's    (DG, L: not aft)
Sunday June 7th – arrive LMH by 1pm, please, for rehearsal    (no S)
Sunday May 24th
 – Dorothy Clive Garden.  Arrive before 1pm to start about then
morning of Saturday 23rd May
– at D's:  from 9.30 for 10 to noon  (B goes early)
Sunday May 10th –  2-4 pm at D's   NB - changed times.
(Sunday May 3rd – no rehearsal)  (no DG,S; MS?)
Sunday April 26th – definite – 7pm at D's  (no MH)
Sunday April 19th – 7pm at D's  (no MS, MH late; no P) 
Sunday April 5th – 7pm at D's  (no P, S, L)
Sunday March 8th – 7pm at D's – Please bring diaries for more rehearsals!
Sunday February 22nd – 7pm at D's  (no DG)
Sunday February 8th – 7pm at D's  (B:late; no P)   sabotaged by sudden snowfall!
Sunday January 18th – 7pm at D's.  Please bring your new diaries!

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