Rehearsals  2022

(updated    1Aug22)

Tuesday 1st February, 1.30pm at S's   (all)
Tuesday 8th February, 2.30pm at S's   (no L)
Wednesday 9th February, 2.30pm at B's   (all)   BYO drink.
Wednesday 16th February pm, 2.15pm at Tittensor  (no S, Dt)
Tuesday 1st March, 2.15pm at B's   (no Dt)

Wednesday 9th March, 2pm at S's
Wednesday 23rd March, 3pm at S's  (not Ja,Jo - Covid)
Friday 25th March, afternoon   CANCELLED
Friday 8th April, 3pm at B's  with sundry folk missing due to Covid: Dt,S,W,H,Jo ...
Saturday 9th April, 2pm at Tytherington before performance at 3pm CANCELLED: CovID

Tuesday 12th April, 11am at St Paul's N-u-Lyme, before performance at 12.30, then lunch!
 (and with sunflower yellow under the blue sky)
Monday 25th April, 2.30pm at B's   (no L,S; Jo leaves early)
Monday 9th May, 12.15pm  at S's   (no Jo, ...?)
Monday 16th May, 3pm at G's  (no Ja, B late, +A)
Tuesday 24th May, 3.30pm at B's  (no G, ?)
Friday 27th May, 5.30pm? at BOH performance at 7pm
Sunday 26th June, 3pm at S's (no P,B ??)
Sunday 3rd July, madrigals at DCG from 2pm gather at 1.45 with chairs by tree below Tea Room (no B)
Friday 22nd July, noon at S's,   (no Dt,Pm,B; +A,Mk)

Next:      and please check your forecast of presence/absence is up to date

Don't forget your LFT - CovID is about!

Friday 26th August
, 2.30 at S's  (all?)
Monday 5th September, 1pm at B's or S's  (all?)
Wednesday 21st September, 3pm at S's  (all? W?)
Saturday 24th September 7pm at St Peter's, Congleton  (no L,B,Pl, +A,Mk)
Sunday 4th December evening, at Biddulph Grange Garden;  details t.b.a.
Tuesday 13th December, lunchtime at St Paul's, N-u-L


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