The Little Moreton Singers

Rehearsals  2019

(updated  0930 8Jun19)

Sunday 24th February 7pm at S's (no Dt,K,Mk); everything for Lent except O vos omnes and Super flumina
Sunday 10th March 7pm at B's (no S); all except When David heard and Abendlied
Sunday 17th March 7pm at B's (no Ja,Dv,H) NB: 6.30 for Choir1 men: Mk,H,J
Sunday 7th April 7pm at Mj's (no Dt,K,P,B)
Tuesday  9th April meet at St Paul's, N-u-L, for 1120 rehearsal; performance 1230-1.15, then lunch
Sunday 14th April 7pm at B's, mostly OBEM  (not Mj,Dv, P)
Sunday 21st April 7pm at S's, (not G,Mk,Dv,H)
Sunday 28th April 7.30-9.30pm at B's, (not Dt,P,W; Mk late)
Sunday 5th May meet at DCG by 1pm (not G)

Next:      and please check your forecast of presence/absence is up to date

Sunday 9th June 6.30 at B's (not S,Mk);  NB 6.30-8.15 ONLY for those at Whitmore
Sunday 7th July 7pm at Mk's (?Mj)
Sunday 28th July DCG (not L,B,Mk)
Sunday 18th August LMH (not Dt,B,Mk,H; ?G)
Sunday 1st September 7pm at ?? (not L; ?J)
Sunday 8th September 7pm at ?? (not Dt,Dv
Saturday 14th September Bethesda (not Dt,B,Dv)

2019 performances (so far) on 
9th April, 5th May, 22 June, 28 July, 18 August, 14th September, 24 November, 10 December    More to come!



NB there is an error in the Chester Spanish motets, p.33.
In Victoria's O magnum mysterium, bar 20, the tenor G should be a G#,
and is explicitly notated in the 1572 part-book.

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