The Little Moreton Singers

Rehearsals  2017-18

(updated   28May18)


Sunday 4th February 7.15pm at Mj's (no P,B)
Sunday 11th February 7pm at Dt's (no P,B,Lz; +G)
Sunday 25th February 7pm at B's (no J; P?)
Sunday 4th March 7pm at ? (no J)
Sunday 25th March 7pm at B's (no Dt,Mk,J)
not Sunday 8th April
Tuesday 10th April meet at Mj's at 9.45 for 10am: black + purple
Sunday 22nd April 7pm at Dt's bring summer things, and diaries
Friday 25th May 1.30pm at B's, before going on to St Mary's RC Church for 2pm


Sunday 27th May meet at DCG at 1.30 (no Dt,Mj; +G; Mk late?)
Sunday 3rd June 7pm soir
e at Mk's share cars where possible
Sunday 15th July meet at HHG at 1pm

2018 performances (so far) on 
10th April, 27th May, 13th October, 25th November, 11th December
plus Hodnet Hall on 15 July


Sunday 19th February 7pm at S's
Sunday 26th March 7pm at B's (not Ly,H)
Sunday 9th April 7pm at S's  (not Dt,Mj)
Sunday 7th May 7pm at S's  (not Dt,P,B)
Sunday 14th May 7pm at Lz's  (not S,B,H)
Sunday 5th November 7pm at Lz's
Sunday 12th November 7pm at B's

Sunday 26th November at Capesthorne
meet by 1130 at ticket tent
Saturday 9th December at LMH meet in Education Room at 1030 cancelled by LMH
Sunday 10th December at All Saints, Macclesfield meet at 1.45pm
Tuesday 12th December at St Paul's, Newcastle meet at 1115

2017 performances on 
28th May, 24th June, 14th October, 26 November, 9, 10, 12 December


NB there is an error in the Chester Spanish motets, p.33.
In Victoria's O magnum mysterium, bar 20, the tenor G should be a G#,
and is explicitly notated in the 1572 part-book.

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