The Little Moreton Singers

Rehearsals  2011-12

(updated 01/01/2013 19:47)

(Sunday 23rd December confirmed FGH at lunchtime, meet inside at 1245 to sing from 1pm;  no P)

Rehearsals should have resumed in September.  Where are the Roses ...?

there is an error in the Chester Spanish motets, p.33.
In Victoria's O magnum mysterium, bar 20, the tenor G should be a G#,
and is explicitly notated in the 1572 part-book.


Saturday 15th December no rehearsal in Audley  (no tenors)
(Tuesday 11th December meet at St Paul's at 11.30 to rehearse at 11.45am;  sing 12.30 to 1.30;  no Ly, Lz)
Sunday 9th December 6pm at B's, finish by 8.30;  final rehearsal for St Paul's on Tuesday
(Sunday 2nd December meet at BGG at 1pm, to sing from 1.15 to 2.15, then cake!  No Ly, W)
day 30th November Cancelled    6pm to 8.30 at B's;  Christmas things and Byrd's 'Elizabeth' motet; no P, S, Lz, W
Sunday 25th November 7pm at D's;  bring all Christmas things!  Lots of good work on new Sweelinck;  no Ly, P, Mk
Sunday 14th October 7pm at D's;  bring all Christmas things!
(Sunday 5th August at Wilkins Pleck meet by the bandstand by 1.45

Saturday 4th August 9.30 for 10 to noon at B's
Sunday 22nd July 6.30 at B's  (with Mk)  (no Mj)
Saturday 23rd June 9.30am for 10 to noon, at B's
(Sunday 24th June meet at 11.15am to start at 11.30, at Dorothy Clive Garden)
Sunday 10th June 7pm, at D's 
(W late)
Sunday 27th May 7pm at S's  tutti  (no Dt,W:L)
(Tuesday 22nd May lunchtime at St Peter's Congleton, details tba; no Dt(?),Ly,Lz)
NB I forgot to have a run through of OBEM p.48 "Come, gentle swains";  please look at it yourselves before next time.

Sunday 20th May 7pm at S's,  (only for those 7 singing at StP's Tuesday 22nd)  (no afternoon performance)
Sunday 6th May 7pm at S's;   no P
?Sat morning 5th May

Sunday 29th April 7pm at S's;   no B; 
Sunday 1st April 7pm at S's;  no Mj, Dt;  Mt abs.  Innsbruck, Byrd's Elizabeth, Palestrina Regina Coeli, A lieta vita, Il piacere (Gastoldi), Aichinger Regina Caeli.   some links to music appear here.
Sunday 26th February, 7pm at S's;  Abs: Lz, Mj    Lots of work on Isaac's Virgo Prudentissima, also Innsbruck and Byrd's "O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth our Queen ..."
Sunday 5th February, 7pm at Dr's; no Dt, Mj    CANCELLED
2012 -- Sunday 15th January, 7pm -- at D's, everybody, with 2012 diaries please, and all music!

Thursday 29th December at Astbury Mere Care Home, plan to arrive about 2.30;  no B;  now no Dt; P? Mt??!
Sunday 18th December meet at Biddulph Grange at 11.15;  no Mj;  no Mt.   Music list
Sunday 4th December 7pm at Dr's; everybody  except maybe P;  now no Mt, maybe Dt
Sunday 20th November  7pm at Dr's; no P, S, Mt;  Mj?  NB For those absent: we worked hard on
    Palestrina Hodie (new edition) & Byrd Hodie (as SATB), and looked at Gabrieli Alleluia, Byrd Rejoice, Philips O beatum,...
Sunday 13th November 7pm at Dr's; no Mt, nor Lz, P
Sunday 16th October 7pm at Dr's; no P   New pieces ...
Sunday 26th June meet at Dorothy Clive Garden by 1pm,  to sing from 1.15, tea and cake afterwards!
    Be prepared for a hot afternoon - and showers ...
Saturday 25th June 9.30 for 10am-noon at B's; please bring diaries!
Sunday 19th June 7pm; no Mt, Mj
Sunday 29th May afternoon at BGG; no Ly, B; plus SR (lift:  Mj?).  Meet 1pm for 1.30-4pm, then cake!

Saturday 28th May 10am-noon at Dr's; no Ly, B; ?Dt; plus SR (lift:  Mj)

Sunday 22nd May 7pm at Dr's; no Lz, Mj; ?DG; plus SR (lift: Ly)

Sunday 15th May 7pm at Dr's; no W; plus SR (lift: Mj)

Sunday 17th April 7pm at Dr's; no Ly, Dt, Lz.   Victoria "Vidi speciosam", OBTA p.57

Sunday 27th March 7pm at Dr's; no P, Mt.  OBEM pp.303, 12, 48, 248, 376, OBTA p.332, Revecy

Sunday 13th March 7pm at Dr's summer repertoire      OBEM pp.158, 258, 358, 332

Saturday 26th February be prepared for a rehearsal at Cheadle as early as 11am;  wedding itself is at 1pm. (No LB)

Plan to arrive by 1130 to pay for parking at 1130, then rehearse from 1135;  we should then be able to nip out and pay for parking from 1230 up to 3.30 after which it is free, so we can have leisurely (post-wedding) cake and coffee!

If the West door is locked, go around to the South porch.  Meet inside the church, at the back.  Dress: red and black(/dark).  Bring OBTA, just in case of an extra motet!

(But timings may change...)

Sunday 20th February 7pm at D's; no B, DG; MH late   Bring diaries for possible spring/summer dates.
        Also, please bring summer repertoire, plus Rejoice!

Sunday 6th February 7pm at D's; no MS; 
Sunday 30th January 7pm at D's;
Saturday 15th January
reconnaissance by J and MW
Sunday 9th January 7pm at D's; bring Durufl
(and spring/summer music), and be ready to learn some chant;  no LB

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