The Little Moreton Singers

Rehearsals  2013

(updated 25/02/2014 19:22)


Saturday/Sunday 21st/22nd December performances at Little Moreton Hall:  11.4512.15, 1.001.30, 2.303.00
Arrive from 11am, please, and go to the Education Room for brief rehearsal from 11.15 to 11.30, then climb up to Long Gallery.
NB - the performances have to start at the stated times, so we need to be in the Long Gallery five minutes before that!
Allow time to get there!  More info anon.

[December music lists have been emailed.]

2013 summer repertoire

Where are the Roses ...?   - and the Thorntons (eaten!)

NB there is an error in the Chester Spanish motets, p.33.
In Victoria's O magnum mysterium, bar 20, the tenor G should be a G#,
and is explicitly notated in the 1572 part-book.


Sunday 15th December  7-9pm at B's  final rehearsal for Sat/Sun 21/22 at LMH (no P,S,SF,E,Mk)
Tuesday 10th December  meet at St Paul's to rehearse at 11.30am for performance at 12.30
Sunday 8th December  7-9pm at S's (final rehearsal for Tuesday 10th)
 (no P,E)
Sunday 17th November  7-9pm at Dt's   (probably Ly, possibly Lz)
Sunday 10th November  7-9pm at B's,  with EW, SF
Sunday 27th October 7pm at S's; (not P,B)   Bring Christmas music.
Sunday 11th August  afternoon performance at Wilkins Pleck  details still awaited, but between 2 and 4pm, then tea & cake!   (no P,Lz,Mk,W, but with our guests PS & DMc)
Saturday 3rd August (10-noon)  at Dy's;  all welcome, whether you're performing at WP or not.
Sunday 23rd June  7pm at B's
Sunday 30th June  early afternoon performance at Dorothy Clive Garden, meeting at 1.15pm to sing from 1.30;
tea at 3.45
Sunday 9th June  early afternoon performance at Biddulph Grange Garden, meeting at 1pm to sing from 1.15 

Saturday 8th June  morning rehearsal:  9.30 for 10am at S's  not B,Mk
Sunday 19th May  7pm at Lz's B late; not Mj,Mk 
 to include Dowland: By a fountain, Can she excuse, Come again (re-edit), Come away, Fine knacks, Sleep wayward, Sorrow stay, Weep you, What if;  also Josquin Ave Maria, Why do the roses, ?O bone Jesu, ?Tomkins' When David, Innsbruck.

Sunday 28th April  7pm at B's no Dt, W  Dowland:All ye, Awake, Now, Old100th, Unquiet;  Croce;  Ah Robyn;  Down from;  To shorten
Sunday 24th March  7pm at B's no Mk  Bring diaries!
Sunday 24th February  7pm at S's more Dowland

Sunday 10th February
  7pm at S's no P, Dt.  Mostly cheerful Dowland, plus Josquin (Ave Maria) & new Croce
Sunday 13th January
  7pm at new S's bring 2013 diaries!  no Lz

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