The Little Moreton Singers

Rehearsals  2019

(updated    2Dec19)

Sunday 24th February 7pm at S's (no Dt,K,Mk); everything for Lent except O vos omnes and Super flumina
Sunday 10th March 7pm at B's (no S); all except When David heard and Abendlied
Sunday 17th March 7pm at B's (no Ja,Dv,H) NB: 6.30 for Choir1 men: Mk,H,J
Sunday 7th April 7pm at Mj's (no Dt,K,P,B)
Tuesday  9th April meet at St Paul's, N-u-L, for 1120 rehearsal; performance 1230-1.15, then lunch
Sunday 14th April 7pm at B's, mostly OBEM  (not Mj,Dv, P)
Sunday 21st April 7pm at S's, (not G,Mk,Dv,H)
Sunday 28th April 7.30-9.30pm at B's, (not Dt,P,W; Mk late)
Sunday 5th May meet at DCG by 1pm (not G)
Sunday 9th June
6.30 at B's (not S,Mk);  NB 6.30-8.15 ONLY for those at Whitmore
Sunday 7th July 7pm at Mk's (?Mj)
Sunday 28th July 2pm at Dt's CANCELLED
unday 1st September 7pm at Dt's (not L; ?J late)
Sunday 8th September 7pm at Mj's (not Dt,P,B,Mk,Dv; L?; plus Ja
Saturday 14th September
Bethesda (not Dt,P,B,Dv; plus Ja);  meet 12.30pm
        refreshments nearby afterwards
Sunday 6th October 7pm at Dt's (Dv late; no Pm)
Sunday 20th October 7pm at B's (not G,Mk)
Sunday 27th October 7pm at S's (not Dt,B,G,Mk; plus Pl)
Sunday 10th November 7pm at Mj's (not Dt,L,Mk,H; plus Pl)
Sunday 17th November 7pm at B's (not Dt,L,Mk; plus Pl)
    Sunday 24th November at Capesthorne  (not Mk,Pl);  meet by 11.30, finish 3.30
    Sunday 1st December at LMH   (not Mk; Pl late) confirmed: meet at 11am

Next:      and please check your forecast of presence/absence is up to date

Sunday 8th December 7pm at S's (not L,Mk)
    Tuesday 10th December at St Paul's, N-u-L  (not Mk)  then lunch




NB there is an error in the Chester Spanish motets, p.33.
In Victoria's O magnum mysterium, bar 20, the tenor G should be a G#,
and is explicitly notated in the 1572 part-book.

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