The Little Moreton Singers
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2011 events

Astbury Mere Care Home (private) Thursday 29th December, 3 to 4.30pm

Sunday 18th December Biddulph Grange will as usual be offering a warm welcome
to all visitors to the Gardens, Tea Room and Shop
Come and hear us there! between 11.30 and 1.30,
singing Christmas-tide music by the fireside
some familiar, some new

Sunday 26th June (1.15 to 3.45pm) Dorothy Clive Garden
Find us down by the pond, above the rhododendrons, or anywhere in-between, singing madrigals, chansons and motets.  Slightly earlier than scheduled, since most forecasters threaten rain later.

Sunday 29th May  afternoon at Biddulph Grange Gardenpic of LMS in BGG
It's Wildlife Weekend at Biddulph Grange, so we shall be including some music about wildlife.
Can you spot any of these?  Swan, screech-owl, Biddulph owl, cuckoo, cricket, bees, deer, dove, sparrow, turtle dove, cat, dog, chickens (are they 'wildlife'?),  plus smiling meadows and lots of flowers.
1.30 to 4pm
Motets in the shelter house whatever the weather ...

Saturday 26th February Ben & Lucy's wedding at Cheadle (private)


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